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The city of Lausanne is located on the north shore of Lake Geneva. It is in the heart of an agglomeration of more than 300,000 inhabitants. Lausanne is a very cosmopolitan and dynamic city. The city of Lausanne offers its people a very good quality of life which is recognized all over the world. The city of Lausanne has renowned universities and hosts some large international companies. The city is home to the headquarters of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and has earned the name of the Olympic Capital. It is the fifth-largest city in Switzerland and the capital of the Canton of Vaud. Are you looking for a taxi from the city of Brussels to Lausanne? If yes, book without further delay on the taxi-brussels.com website.

24 / 7 택시 서비스 로잔 with our experienced drivers and comfortable vehicles. Moreover, all our drivers are professional and highly familiar with all the routes and cities you are going to visit. Taxi Lausanne offers 24-hour airport transfers to all Belgium airports. Hence we aim to give the best reliable and safest transfers service to all our customers at a competitive price.

Lausanne to from Brussels Airport

If you are in Lausanne and looking for taxi service to or from Brussels airport, you are at the right place.택시 브뤼셀 provides reliable taxi service to go from Lausanne to Brussels airport and the the opposite route.

Our taxi will normally take 6h 52 minutes to take you from Lausanne to Brussels airport depending on your departure time and traffic on the way. Be aware that this taxi trip will cover about 648 kilometres.

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Lausanne to from Charleroi Airport

Looking for taxi service to Lausanne from Charleroi airport or the other way round? We have a solution for you. A 5-star taxi transfer service from Charleroi airport to Lausanne and vice versa. Besides we are always here to help you with our top-rated service at best prices.

The taxi will take about6h 33 minutes to take you from Lausanne to Charleroi airport and about the same time for the opposite direction, depending on the traffic. This taxi trip will cover a distance of about 659 kilometres

Taxi Services from Lausanne to all Major Cities of Belgium

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  • Taxi Lausanne to, from Bruges
  • Taxi Lausanne to, from Antwerp
  • Taxi Lausanne to, from Brussels city

Long-distance taxi trip from Lausanne to all cities of Belgium and beyond; with experienced drivers having good knowledge of all areas and cities. Pre-Book us before your important trips to enjoy a hassle-free journey. As soon as we receive your booking we will start arranging your transport according to your travel requirements. We are top-rated taxi company in Belgium with our wide range of vehicles, our professionalism, flexibility and comfort. Reliability is what Taxi Brussels is all about. Wherever you need to go, you can rely on our private hire taxi service to get you there comfortably and on time.

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